Our tax system is broken. We are relying on property and school taxes, which are not assessed based on the ability to pay, to fund crucial public programs like education for our children and Medicaid for our aging parents. All while providing the wealthiest, who can afford to pay more, loopholes, like forming multiple LLCs to avoid property tax re-assessments. The state, not our rural counties, has the ability to raise the revenue needed to fully fund these programs by making sure that millionaires, billionaires and corporations are paying their fair share. Let’s stop over-burdening working families and create a tax system that is fair and equitable. When Senator Gallivan was in the Majority and in a position to change this, he did nothing. Instead, he and his Republicans complained about unfunded mandates while working with the establishment to keep them in place.


As the husband of a doctor, I am a strong supporter of a single payer system in New York and the New York Health Act. When you look at the economics, costs will go down for the vast majority of New Yorkers. A single payer system will free our businesses from the burdens of managing health insurance for their employees and burgeoning entrepreneurs will have the flexibility they need to invest in their future instead of staying in a dead end job to keep the insurance benefits. Employees will no longer be beholden to employers for their health insurance; Employers can redistribute upwards of 20% of their overhead back into serving their customers and improving their bottom line. At the same time, Western New Yorkers know that we don’t just struggle with the cost of healthcare, but also long distances to get to clinics and hospitals when we need care. We must improve access to healthcare in our rural communities by using innovative solutions to bring healthcare to you. From improving broadband to allow you to video call your doctor when an ambulance is still an hour away, to investing in our local schools that could provide after hour doctors and nurses visits in a convenient location to you and your family, we must invest in making rural healthcare more available.


In much of Western New York, we just don’t have enough workforce and rental housing available. That increases your monthly rent. I want to provide opportunities for developers to be excited about building more affordable housing and I want our communities to grow and new businesses to come and make their home here. We have a skilled labor force, educated neighbors, professionals who want to grow old here. Let’s give them every opportunity to make it happen.


I have spent my career working with entrepreneurs and small businesses. They are our neighbors and anchors in our communities. But our Main Streets are struggling and our young people are leaving. We can turn brain drain into brain gain with smart investments in the tools that will keep and bring people to Western New York. Tools like universal access to broadband, good public transportation, affordable housing, top quality public schools, and affordable taxes. With both the green economy and the digital age, we are in a new era of innovation and opportunity. Let’s make sure that Western New York is ready and open for business.


In my law practice, I work with a lot of farmers and, like me, they are deeply concerned about making sure that we protect our clean water, healthy soil, and clean air. That’s why I support moving to a clean energy economy, focusing on sustainable agriculture, and ending our reliance on fossil fuels. Not only do we have an obligation to be good stewards of the environment, but our Western New York economy relies on these natural resources. It’s just smart to make sure we are protecting these resources now and for the future.


I have long been a strong proponent of the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana. It just makes sense. As surrounding states and Canada have legalized, new entrepreneurs are thriving, farmers are escaping bankruptcy, reliance on opioids is diminishing, and communities are reaping the revenue benefits. New York is falling behind. While decriminalization was a step in the right direction, it is not enough. New York has been a leader on many issues, from marriage equality to the environment, let’s not fall behind on this critical issue and opportunity to create new revenue.


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